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Under the majority of leases, tenants have to abide by obligations to keep the landlord’s property in a good standard of repair. Landlords will be driven by the need to preserve their investment with a robust claim for dilapidations, whilst a tenant will seek to have such claims validated to ensure that they do not over-compensate. We are experienced in acting for both landlords and tenants in such matters, providing a considered approach in producing schedules of dilapidations and negotiating claims. We can also provide budgetary advice in advance of lease termination to assist with client’s operational planning. 

Schedule of Condition

When taking on a repairing lease, tenants often miss the opportunity to append a schedule of condition limiting their repair obligations. Our experienced surveyors can produce a clear and sufficiently detailed schedule to mitigate excessive claims for dilapidations at lease termination. 

Schedules of condition are a useful snapshot of a property’s condition and can also be used in situations where neighbouring construction work could potentially cause damage. Whilst appearing simple in nature, our understanding of construction enables us to produce a focused and considered document to suit the client’s objective.

Lease Advice

Leases often contain onerous obligations which a tenant should be wary of before signing a lease and when considering their next steps during the term. As specialists in dilapidations, we can identify potential risks arising at lease termination and advise on the most appropriate course of action to minimise the impact on your business. 

Our Legat Owen team have wider expertise in assisting with the negotiation of leases and finding the right property for your business.

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